LE DOMAINE becomes

Our GSM10 active ingredient has the rare distinction of being produced exclusively from grapes grown by the Perrin family at Château de Beaucastel in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

It is to highlight this extremely rare guarantee of origin in the world of cosmetics that Le Domaine now becomes BEAU DOMAINE , in homage to Beau Castel (the Beautiful Château). 

Inspired by this place, the place where the grapes come from - skin and seeds - which make up its powerful active ingredients, this name above all recalls the brand's commitment to aesthetics and authenticity. If everything that is beautiful is precious, BEAU DOMAINE also reaffirms its anchoring in the world of a French brand.

A profound incarnation of its origins to move ever more towards the essential and better reflect its Nature.

What does this mean in concrete terms for you?

We will gradually modify our packaging to reflect this new name (only the name will change, the formulas and packaging design will remain as they are today).

The two types of packaging will therefore probably co-exist for a few months.

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