At the start, an extraordinary entrepreneurial family story

Beau Domaine is the story of a family, the Perrins, anchored in this land & its vines since 1909. More than 50 years ago, Jacques Perrin chose a path different from most of his contemporaries, rejecting any use of chemicals in his vineyards, and proved to be a pioneer of biodynamic methods of wine production at Château de Beaucastel. The family today manages numerous vineyards throughout the region.

This is the heritage that Beau Domaine now protects: a respect for nature, a visionary entrepreneurial spirit and a vision of science based on ingredients of natural origin.

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Science naturally

Collaboration between nature and science is at the heart of our DNA.

Our anti-aging treatments were born from this union, testifying to the simplicity of natural elements made effective by years of research.

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A story of encounters

The encounter is an adventure and an enrichment. A journey where destinies intersect, where different worlds converge, where daring visions take shape.

It is this alchemy that is at the heart of Beau Domaine .

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Every action and every choice reflects our deep values ​​and our commitments to a more respectful and responsible future.

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