Located in the heart of Provence, at the gateway to the Rhône Valley, the House of the Perrin family represents a land of legendary wines, with several of the most prestigious vineyards and estates in France: Château de Beaucastel, founded in 1549, was the family cradle. The vines have been cultivated there for 2000 years. Added, among others, Beau Domaine du Clos des Tourelles, La Vieille Ferme wines and, of course, Château de Miraval, of which the Perrin family has been responsible for viticulture and winemaking since 2012: all indisputable proof of know-how. of the Perrin family.

Passed down and reinvented over generations, this know-how has been enriched with demanding and visionary choices in terms of virtuous cultivation, making each of these vineyards a sustainable natural source, lovingly cultivated and fiercely protected.

The Perrin family at the forefront of sustainable agriculture

Taking care of their resources, recycling wood scraps... A pioneer in organic and sustainable agriculture, the Perrin Family has long been committed to respecting the virtuous cycle of Nature, and to artisanal know-how.

Nature, when we respect it, knows how to be generous, even providential.

The Perrin family's heritage in organic farming and craftsmanship

On these fertile lands, thanks to advanced agricultural techniques, the Perrin family's vines have become not only incomparable in the eyes of the wine world but, above all, increasingly rich in active ingredients.

The grapes grown on the Domaine's property, with proven and recognized antioxidant properties, now make it possible to obtain the grape marc extracts which are at the heart of Beau Domaine Skincare formulas, and to offer the skin what it needs to fight against the signs of the times.

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