Yes, we created Beau Domaine with Brad Pitt, no we are not a new celebrity brand

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Yes, there might be one from a certain Brad.

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Natural origin

GSM10 ®

“A gender-neutral and vegan cosmetics brand for all skin types, whose products are composed of ingredients of natural origin, mainly grapes, totally respectful of the environment.”

“Best moisturizer: La Crème Beau Domaine ”

“Entirely vegan and gender-neutral, the Beau Domaine treatment formulas are crafted like so many great wines, carefully and carefully crafted.”

“Best moisturizer: La Crème Beau Domaine ”

“Best luxury facial cleanser for men: Beau Domaine Emulsion”

"The research and development behind this anti-aging lotion is some of the strongest we've seen in the last five years."

“A clean, efficient and sensory line.”

“Best anti-wrinkle cream of 2023”

"Her ex-fiancé Brad Pitt has his own skincare line, called Beau Domaine Skincare. He sent her some. "It's nice," she said. "Yes, it is really gorgeous".

" Beau Domaine is not a celebrity brand. It is an anti-aging range aimed at all men and women."

"Brad Pitt's eternal youth - how does he do it?"

“This anti-aging treatment has been voted the best hydrating serum in the world”

“Authentic, high-end, local products packaged in pots and bottles cast in the highest quality glass.”

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