BEAU DOMAINE :A story of encounters

The encounter is an adventure and an enrichment. A journey where destinies intersect, where different worlds converge, where daring visions take shape. It is this alchemy that is at the heart of Beau Domaine .

The Perrin & Brad Pitt family:Wine alchemy

2012 marks the birth of an unexpected collaboration. 

Hollywood cinema icon Brad Pitt is introduced to the Perrin family to collaborate on wine from Domaine Miraval, which he acquired a few months earlier. Two distinct worlds come together, one in the spotlight, the other in the tranquility of the vineyards.

Their common passion for wine and shared values ​​- authenticity, respect for the terroir, preservation of nature - bring them together. Beau Domaine becomes a place for the exchange of ideas, a land of exploration with multiple possibilities.

Brad Pitt, with his keen eye for detail and love for the land, often describes his role with a touch of humor: "I'm a farmer now." His involvement goes well beyond his image. His commitment is reflected in his curiosity about the nuances of the winery: the variations in sugar, acidity, and the crucial decisions that determine the perfect moment for picking.

Beau Domaine , guided by Brad Pitt and the Perrin family, seeks to define its own vision of luxury, centered on authenticity and innovation, with the ambition of creating products anchored in tradition while turning resolutely towards future.

"If I hadn't seen a real difference visually in my skin, we wouldn't have bothered."

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The collaboration with pr. teissedre:From the vine to the skin

At the crossroads of viticulture and scientific research is Professor Teissedre. With training at the Montpellier School of Pharmacy and an enriched career in California, Professor Teissedre is recognized worldwide for his expertise on phenolic compounds from grapes. His CV details more than 200 publications and 13 patents, demonstrating his dedication to research.

Beau Domaine offers fertile ground for its research, particularly with its 13 grape varieties. With the Perrin family, they dive into the depths of grape marc, this precious material left after wine making. This marc, rich in tannins, anthocyanins and other phenolic compounds, becomes the centerpiece of their meeting. 

The fruit of this rigorous and passionate quest is our first exclusive asset, GSM10®. GSM10® stands out for its powerful antioxidant power and provides anti-aging protection to the skin, as well as balancing its microbiome.

Each drop is a reflection of Professor Teissedre's research and the avant-garde vision of Beau Domaine .

The union between BEAU DOMAINE and pr. Lévy:The birth of progr3®

Each discovery often begins with a personal quest.

For Professor Nicolas Lévy, this quest was influenced by his research on rare diseases, notably progeria, a disease which accelerates aging in children. His studies have revealed similar mechanisms affecting natural aging in all of us, but in a more gradual manner.

His meeting with the Perrin family turned out to be obvious. Together, they deepened the study of skin care, leading to the creation of ProGr3®, an exclusive patented active compound (patent pending) inspired by his work on progeria to offer a targeted solution against skin aging.

The combination of Professor Lévy's knowledge with Beau Domaine expertise has given rise to products that are not only efficient, but also have a human dimension, testifying to a constant search for improvement and a desire to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Life is a series of encounters, some fleeting, others transforming our trajectory forever. For Beau Domaine , each encounter is a chapter in its history, a vital element which gives each treatment its unique and authentic character.

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