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Collaboration between nature and science is at the heart of our DNA. Our anti-aging treatments were born from this union, testifying to the simplicity of natural elements made effective by years of research.

At the heart of our formulas, two patented active ingredients stand out: GSM10® and ProGR3®.

Gsm10®: the secret of the vineyards

This patented active ingredient takes root in the wine-growing lands of the Perrin Family.

Thanks to in-depth research on the Domaine's 13 grape varieties, Professor Teissedre, an expert in phenolic compounds from grapes, selected three varieties of grapes: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre from which he created a new powerfully antioxidant active ingredient, GSM10®. 

This exclusive active ingredient fights oxidative stress at the intra and extracellular level. It is enriched by the addition of a post-biotic microorganism, a Lactobacillus, which promotes skin balance. Designed from upcycled grape marc, the GSM10® is not only the result of research, but also an ode to respect for nature.

Progr3®: nature at the service of aging

For more than two decades, Professor Lévy, geneticist, has been conducting research on progeria, an extremely rare genetic disease causing premature aging in children.

His work allowed him to identify the mechanisms of progeria, linked to the mutation of a protein, which generates progerin, whose toxicity contributes to this accelerated aging. These same mechanisms come into play, gradually, during the natural aging of the skin.

Inspired by the richness and diversity of the plant world, Professor Levy and his team precisely identified molecules present in plant extracts to test their potential to counter the toxicity of progerin.

This is how ProGR3® was born: a blend of three plant active ingredients - resveratrol from vine shoots, apigenin from chamomile and catechin from green tea - which offers a targeted solution against the toxicity of progerin and therefore against aging. cutaneous.

This combination not only celebrates science, but also the generosity of nature.

A selection of complementary assets

To complement our patented active ingredients, we have carefully chosen natural active ingredients to offer the best benefits to your skin.

Our organic grape water, soothing and hydrating, is the first ingredient in our formulas. We also use shea butter, sustainably and responsibly sourced, to provide nourishing protection for your skin.

We have also selected the sister cells of vine flowers, obtained by biotechnology. They are distinguished by their energizing, protective and perfecting action, helping to even out the complexion and enhance the skin.

Hyaluronic acids also occupy an important place in our selection, with different molecular weights for deep hydration and complementary anti-wrinkle action.

Niacinamide, vitamin B3, known for its detoxifying, unifying and anti-aging properties, is also part of our selection.

Finally, an Ayurvedic plant extract, green chirette, was chosen for its revitalizing, anti-fatigue and anti-aging effect.

Concrete results on the skin

Our products have been evaluated by an independent laboratory, validating their anti-oxidant, moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Clinical tests, carried out on 162 volunteers under dermatological control, provided tangible results for each product, whether in instrumental tests or satisfaction tests.

The Serum has proven its effectiveness with remarkable in vivo results: +42% plumping effect, -12% signs of fatigue, -11% crow's feet wrinkles. 94% of people tested found their skin brighter.

The Cream stands out for an increase in hydration rate of +84% after 2 hours, +34% after 24 hours, +35% radiance, and -16% dehydration fine lines. These figures are confirmed by the fact that 97% of users felt immediate comfort and found their skin smoother.

The Fluid Cream recorded an increase in hydration rate of +115% after 2 hours, +55% after 24 hours, -23% in puffiness, -11% in fine lines. After 28 days of use, 94% of users reported softer, silkier skin, and 91% felt intense hydration.

The Cleansing Emulsion aroused the enthusiasm of all users, with an improvement in the level of hydration for 100% of them, and 97% found their skin perfectly clear, fresh and supple after use.

These in vivo results demonstrate the exceptional effectiveness of our products, subjected to rigorous comparative tests against placebo to guarantee their irrefutable quality.

The test results confirm the relevance of the union between the richness of nature and the precision of science: each treatment we offer is a tangible manifestation of this synergy. They nourish and revitalize the skin, giving it radiance and vitality.

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