What is a skincare routine?

What is a skincare routine?

Published on July 27, 2023, by Astrid

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When we try to create a skincare routine, we often think about skin care and its functions (cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, etc.). We seek to determine our skin type and to adapt the type of products we use. But we must remember that beyond its effectiveness, a skincare routine is above all a caring and rewarding ritual. Before detailing the steps and products that constitute a beauty ritual, we would like to discuss the principles that should guide a good routine. skincare.


Taking care of your skin, the principles of a good routine

Respect for the skin :
By adopting a skincare routine, we show our respect for our skin and our well-being. Above all, it is an act of self-care. Establishing a peaceful relationship with our skin allows it to best fulfill its role as a protective barrier.

Consistency for lasting results :
Consistency is a key to achieving positive skincare results. It provides improved texture, optimal hydration and a healthier appearance. Your routine must therefore suit you and be simple to follow.

A moment of relaxation and well-being :
By creating a soothing atmosphere and using products with pleasant textures and scents, we transform our routine into a moment of well-being and pleasure.

The opportunity to reconnect :
By becoming aware of the actions we perform and feeling the benefits of products on our skin, we can cultivate a more harmonious relationship with our body.

Visible results :
Seeing your skin improve, becoming more radiant, softer or smoother thanks to our regular efforts is a source of satisfaction and motivation to continue taking care of our skin.

Exploration and discovery :
The skincare routine can be an opportunity to explore new products, new techniques or the latest trends in skin care. This allows us to experiment and find what works best for us.

An evolving routine :
Our skin is dynamic and subject to fluctuations due to various factors such as seasonal changes, environment, stress, age and hormonal fluctuations. Our skincare routine must adapt to these different skin conditions.

The key steps of a skincare routine

The goal of a skincare routine is to offer the skin what it needs to remain balanced, healthy, radiant, and strengthen the protective barrier. Whether your skin is combination, normal, dry or oily, certain key steps, such as cleansing, toning, exfoliation, moisturizing and sun protection are common. This base can be accompanied by specific treatments for a suitable beauty ritual.

Daily cleaning :  This is the first essential step, fundamental to eliminating impurities, excess sebum, traces of makeup and pollutants from the skin. A fan of generous makeup? We advise you to adopt double cleaning. Start with a cleansing milk or oil which will remove all the greasy makeup and impurities. A gentle cleansing product will then be used to complete the cleansing (foam, emulsion, gel, depending on skin type). For a shorter complete cleaning, you can choose a gentle cleanser like Cleansing Emulsion. To be included daily, morning and evening.

Toning : Toning consists of applying a toner or essence to rebalance the pH of the skin. It dissolves limescale present in tap water, completes cleansing, and prepares the skin to absorb the following products. To be included daily, morning and evening.

Exfoliation : Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells to promote cell renewal and improve skin texture and clarity. Gentle scrubs, chemical peels or cleansing brushes can be used to exfoliate the skin. To be included weekly, once or twice a week.

Treatment : This step targets specific skin issues or concerns. Treatment can take the form of serums or specific treatments for mature skin, dehydrated skin, etc. Each treatment adapts to an objective: prevention, hydration, firming, anti-wrinkle, radiance, anti-dark spots, anti-shine, imperfections... The treatment can also target a specific part of the face, such as an eye contour treatment (anti -pocket, concealer). It is used in addition to your daily care, morning and evening.

Daily hydration : Hydration is essential to maintain healthy and supple skin. We use a moisturizer adapted to the type and condition of the skin to nourish and protect it. To be included daily, morning and evening.

Sunscreen : Applying sunscreen protects the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. To be included daily, in the morning.

Additional steps : These basic steps can be supplemented by the use of masks, essences, facial oils, antioxidants or other specific products. They can be accompanied by massage techniques with or without accessories. The main thing is to choose quality products suitable for your skin type, to be consistent in the use of products and to take into account the your skin's changing needs over time.

Whatever your skin type, implementing a skincare routine requires consistency and patience. Results are usually not immediate, but with regular practice, the benefits for the skin can be remarkable. Looking for inspiration? Le Domaine has created for you simple and effective routines. Creating a skincare routine is a good start to taking care of your skin, but do you know the other actions to adopt to have soft and radiant skin ?